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Telephone +82-51-609-9633
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Company Infomation

VAZIL COMPANY CO., LTD. is a young company and technology center that is promoting the development of human-centered new products and services for “Hit the Run”, aiming for a 100-year company that is constantly changing and growing with quick response and ideas in a rapidly changing world.

VAZIL COMPANY CO., LTD. develops and provides technology capable of excellence in performance and function in response to the times and market demands of market flow and technology development. In addition, each time technology is developed, new technology is added to meet customer needs by developing technology to meet market needs.

Company history

2018.03 Established Vazil Company Co., Ltd.

Product introduction

  • Machine Vision Tester

    Object recognition using 2D/3D camera
    Artificial intelligence determination of good/nonsense through deep learning on recognized objects