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Company Infomation

Our company specializes in Emergency equipmentㆍRescue equipmentㆍFire investigation equipmentㆍFire suppression equipment.

Company history

Product introduction

  • logo Surface Disinfector(PlaClin)

    The PlaClin is a portable, fast-acting and hand-held disinfection unit. It spray disinfectant as a mist, possible to disinfect all areas even high and out of reach. The disinfectant is based on hydrogen peroxide, increases the sterilizing efficacy using air activated by the plasma

  • logo Handheld Brain Injury Diagnostics(Infrascanner)

    Based on near-infrared technology the Infrascanner is revolutionary diagnostic device for traumatic brain injury and stroke assessment the portable infrascanner enables clinicians to rapidly and accurately detect intracranial bleeding

  • logo Car Fire Blanket

    Bridgehill car fire blanket provides the quickest and most effective way to extinguish a car fire by removing oxygen supply. Toxic gases and smoke are stifled immediately in fossil cars. Same immediate result is achieved in electric cars, whose batteries have not been affected by the fire.

  • logo High Performance Submersible(Orcasub)

    A high-performance multi-purpose submersible capable of submerging from 600m up to 1,800m by model, custom-made with a small and lightweight submarine that can add various functions as an option.

  • logo Hard Metal Dive Suit(Exosuit ADS)

    This dive suit allows divers to operate safely down to a depth of 1000 feet and yet still have exceptional dexterity and flexibility to perform delicate work.

  • logo Video Laryngoscope(AWS-S200)

    AWS-200 is safer and more dependable tracheal intubation EMS equipment. Users simply aim the on-screen cross-hair on the glottis for precise medical care.

  • logo Portable LED Lantern(HJ900S)

    Size to be held in one hand. Up to 900 lumens.
    Portable with 6 brightness adjustments plus emergency light (SOS) mode