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Company Infomation

Vinsen Co., Ltd. has the following various engneering and manufacturing technologies.
1. Hydrogen fuel cell and battery hybrid system configuration.
2. Marine lithium-ion battery and electric propulsion control system for eco-friendly small ships (leisure, small patrol, etc.).
3. Offshore (ship) application technology of fuel cells for automobiles.

It is also carrying out autonomous driving technology, sharing platform and marina projects so that everyone can easily experience eco-friendly ships.
In addition, we will improve our technology by securing a number of patents and continuous intellectual property rights.

Company history

2017.09 VINSSEN established
2018.07 Venture company certification
2018.10 ISO9001:2015
2018.11 Established R&D Center
2019.03 Awarded the Best 2019 <Pusan International Boat Show>
2019.11 Awarded the Jeollanam-do Governor Award
2019.12 TIPS Selected (Investment & R&D Program by Ministry of SMEs and Startups>
2020.05 Signed a joint business agreement for innovation projects to lead the hydrogen economy in Ulsan City
2020.10 Signing an MOU with Yeongam-gun
Signing an MOU with ABB

Product introduction

  • logo ECO BOAT

    Vinsen developed a hydrogen and electric propulsion vessel in accordance with domestic and international regulations on the marine environment.
    The 7.9M electric propulsion ship, built in 2019, was awarded the "Boat of the Year Award" at the Busan International Boat Show and is currently in trial op

  • logo Power Train System

    Vinsen applied for a patent in August 2019 for a modular marine electric propulsion device.
    It has superior power, maximum torque, and maximum speed than general internal combustion engines, and is particularly characterized by reducing dry weight.