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Booth no. Booth.G115
Telephone +82-51-867-1800
FAX +82-51-817-4234

Company Infomation

We are LSA (Life Saving Appliance) supplier for ship yard and shipping lines in Korea.
Especially, we are the best seller of pyrotechnics line throwing appliance and heaving line appliances in here.
We are also supplying our products to Korean Coast Guard and Navy.
DOKDO SAFE has been distributing articles for the life saving at sea such as a safety equipment, heaving lines, signal flares, self fire-extinguishing system (fixed condensed aerosol) & the rescue frames since 1990.

Over 26 years experiences & confidence, DOKDO SAFE will be your best companion as a light boat on a rough sea!

Company history

Product introduction

  • logo Pyrotechnics

    Parachute Rocket Flares (RED), Buoyant Smoke Signal (Orange), Red Hand Flares, Self-activating Smoke Signals, MOB-Manoverboard (Self-activating Light & Smoke Signals), Line Throwing Appliance

  • logo Emergency Drinking Water / Survival Food Rations

    Double (aluminum foil & vinyl) packed emergency drinking water "DDS-EW-B" protects the direct sunlight and the container is much stronger than PET bottle types.

  • logo Bullet Proof Vest, Helmet, Plate

    We are supplying the protective body armors such as bulletproof and stab proof vests and ballistic plates.
    We offer all levels of protection based on NIJ
    Standards 0101.06, 0115.00, 0108.01 etc.
    All our products have been tested by the H. P. White
    Laboratory or NTS Chesapeake.

  • logo Dacon Rescue Frame

    Dacon Rescue Frame, Rescue Basket, Scramble Net, Rescue Scoop, Rescue Star, Rescuer Dummy

  • logo BPC Transfer Net

    X-800 & X-904 Series

  • logo PLT Line Throwing Appliance by compressed air

    PLT230, PLT150, PLT75, PLT Mini, PLT SOLAS

  • logo MIZUNO COSMO Heaving Line

    Using low compressed air.
    GE : 45~65m, GV : 60~85m, GVL : 63~95m

  • logo DDS Heaving Line

    High pressed air
    Portable DDS-303

  • logo KRL-80 Line Launcher

    Using 16g Co2 cartridge