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Company Infomation

We, DAEHYUP TECH. CO., LTD. have become an industrial leader and the biggest provider of a complete range of Marine Deck-Covering systems with "BILLYTEX" as our brand name since established on 1982 when the all the market needs of Marine Deck-Covering were depended upon imports.

With technical excellences such as lightweight-flooring, soundproof-flooring, and spray-type insulation system for sound absorption, thermal and fire protection.

Company history

Product introduction

  • logo Urethane floor covering

    BILLYTEX PU-100 is a polyurethane deck covering material with high flexibility and chemical resistance, and has brilliant appearance in the final deck composition.

  • logo Epoxy Floor covering

    BILLYTEX EP-100 is a trowel applied epoxy resin deck underlayment for use under wet area of ship. This system makes seamless finish, hygienic and waterproof with wide range of color selection.

  • logo Sound damping floor

    The viscoelastic sound damping construction is the solution to reducing the radiated sound power from the deck, and the resonant vibration of the deck is decreased by increasing the loss factor of the construction. This system provides an extremely high sound reduction, and the unique vibration damp

  • logo Floating floor system

    The floating floor system is combination of viscoelastic layer and mineral wool construction.
    This system provides extremely high sound reduction in the low frequency area. The marine slab was specially developed by processing mineral wool which also has high fire-resistance performance, thus they

  • logo DUITEX (new insulation system)

    Duitex stands for Daehyup Ultimate Insulation Technologies, and it is a type of spray coating insulation, which is made by mixing aerogel powder and ceramic. It is the best insulation material with excellent effectiveness of fireproofing and soundproofing.

  • logo Raizsed floor system

    The access floor panels are widely used in control centers, electric equipment room, IT center and computer rooms, where there is a requirement to route mechanical services and cables, wiring and electrical supply