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Company Infomation

A&T Korea is a specialized company in counter-terrorism to make Safe Korea! Safe World! to overcome the terrors. To make the world free of terror and catastrophe, we will be a safety belt that supports the action of counter-terrorism by contributing our devoted efforts.

Company history

Product introduction

  • logo Dolphin 1

    Rescuing unit which can be controlled remotely to assist a drowner.

  • logo JetBoots V5

    Propulsion used for operatives infiltrating underwater. JetBoots can assist operator in conserving stamina, underwater navigation, and underwater drift.

  • logo XR3D-6D

    Searching for dangerous goods and hazardous materials in the airport and port, government offices, major national security facilities, businesses, etc.

  • logo MINI Z

    Real-time portable scanner which can be used to identify dangerous goods(drugs, explosive, etc) firsthand at security points where swift inspections are needed.